Who could do that?

I'm moving back home.

She had a narrow escape yesterday.

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The thief broke the window.


I'd just like to know what you knew and when you knew it.

Kenneth and Kurt were waiting for us.

I guess I'm on my own.


I respect you.

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Mike really speaks French well.

I still need to renew my passport.

I wonder if Jean knows that.

You party too hard.

Dan wants to be a dictator.

What's it going to take for you to finally yield?

I'm not a creature of habit.

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He has taken all this work for nothing.

Bring them back.

You didn't tell Evan where to meet us, did you?

We haven't been there in a while.

Do you have any questions about the menu?


Todd left his wallet on the table.


She spoke to the section manager.

It was very hard for me to find your apartment.

I liked them before they were popular.


Don't go near them.

Come and dance with me.

The minute I entered the room, they stopped talking.

I only want to help her.

What'll Sangho do about it?


She gave him something cold to drink.

I don't think Stu did anything about the problem.

I guess I'm a little antsy.

It is the only one there is in the shop.

Why are you telling this to me now?

Do you mind if I join your trip to the country?

Nobody knew what the machine was like.

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I have three friends that often drop by on Saturdays.


You did well, Pierette.


Put the lime in the coconut.


Most schools are closed today.

I'm not jealous of them.

He lied to us.

Virtue and vice.

He drinks only water.

She told me that she had bought a CD.

Bring me money.

What is a language?

Put your hat on.

When are you going to meet with Kristian?

Isn't that risky?

Will you join me for a drink?

What will we become?


He met a nice young man.

First the immigrants, next you. Our solidarity - is the answer to social cannibalism.

The results were far from satisfactory.


Where's your bulletproof vest?

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That's all she wrote.

Her work is to wash the dishes.

No one was present.


That won't be necessary.


He is a qualified person who uses and manages software related tools for general users.


Ravindran wants Karen to know he's planning to leave town.


I searched for my father's false teeth at the lost and found, but had no luck.

They all swim very fast.

Cecilia was arrested for assault.


How much do you love her?

Kanthan got a raise.

Nothing will happen until 2:30.

Please arrange the books on the shelves in cronological order.

Since I had a cold, I didn't go to school.

The aim of jazz is the mechanical reproduction of a regressive moment, a castration symbolism. 'Give up your masculinity, let yourself be castrated,' the eunuchlike sound of the jazz band both mocks and proclaims, 'and you will be rewarded, accepted into a fraternity which shares the mystery of impotence with you, a mystery revealed at the moment of the initiation rite.

Manuel left the party with Diana.

Hon said that he doesn't care.

Kinch is a little over thirty.

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I can't take you to work with me.

As everyone knows, air is a mixture of gases.

I think it's a bad idea to loan Rahul money.


You have no idea what's going on, do you?

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Last week a lot of appointments kept me busy.


This isn't any fun.

The wall was riddled with bullet holes.

That's a given.

Gabriel is only one of the angels of God.

They don't want us to see what they're doing.

I want it to be a success.

The man must have succeeded in business by virtue of his efforts.

I pretended not to be able to understand what he was telling me.

I not only gave him some advice, I also gave him a fellatio.


You act like I don't exist.

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They spoke quietly so as not to wake the baby.

I went to church with Barbara.

Pierre is a lot younger than Raymond.

The store's closed.

He stared at her feet.

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I have to write an SMS.

Robin was immediately worried.

Providing energy to the poor without destroying the planet any further is this century's biggest challenge.


I owe it all to you.

Let's drink some beer.

He didn't come to work with his car.

My sister always keeps her room clean.

I felt an uncomfortable tightness in my chest.


I have a delivery for you.

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The dictionary is on the desk.

Brian didn't talk.

Did you think I came here just to pass the time of day?


It is essential that you should finish the work by this evening.

Life is full of splinters.

I'm going to get you that job.

An accent can be either charming or irritating.

Like his father, he has many books.

Who's going to tell him?

I brought the documents to my boss.

I just want to crawl into a hole and never come out.

She felt lonely when all her friends had gone home.

I can't believe you just said that.

Melting polar icecaps could also contribute to an increase in sea levels.

Arthur might not want to go with us.

It isn't safe to walk alone at night.

Local party members are trying to gerrymander the district.

Jennifer doesn't know how much Brian loves him.


Where does this desk go?

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Lisa found the experience terrifying.

Are you following me?

We respect you.

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Huey practiced all week for the talent show.

They brought her round with brandy.

Everybody loves music.

Real has already paid.

Ronni will help Cathrin.

She left him for another man.

You don't believe everything you hear, do you?

He gave me mouth to mouth and saved my life.

That can be a problem.


My throat is scratchy.

They do it each week.

I want to make him jealous.

He'll be here again.

I will make her happy.

I can hear the wind.

The town has many tall buildings.

This is illegal.

Alf is a little too young for me.


This gun is reportedly very powerful.


There is a bus stop down the road.

Elwood failed.

Mr Hashimoto was puzzled by Ken's question.


It is difficult to walk in the sand.

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You are saying you intentionally hide your good looks?

I don't believe to what he says.

Are you sure this will work?

How do you feel about all this?

Nobody told me that it was going to cost this much.


Many tales of alchemy show up in "Journey to the West".

Benson and Holmes analyzed the psychological effect of artificial insemination on parents.

Keep in mind it is difficult to find a job now.


Mosur is going to be angry.